About Porto Moniz

It became a parish on March 12, 1574, one of the oldest parishes in the north of the island of Madeira. Here military exercises were carried out in the 19th century. XVII and Porto Moniz was popularly known as “Battalion”. Its name is due to its probable founder, Francisco Moniz, “the Old one”, one of the oldest settlers of the region, natural of the Algarve. On his initiative, or his son, was founded the chapel of Our Lady of the Conception, in 1553, around which the town of Porto Moniz grew. The monuments include the Fort of São João Baptista, the fountain of 1887, the Parish Church and the communications lighthouse built in the 20th century (Farolim do Ilhéu Mole).

Until the century. In the eighteenth century, the region dedicated itself to cattle breeding, cereal production and timber extraction, and then potato and wine-growing.

Here you will find the most beautiful natural saltwater swimming pools in the world and are even considered by the British newspaper “The Guardian” as the best salty pools in Europe.

Attraction Points

Natural Pools

The Natural Pools of Porto Moniz are the great “ex-libris” of the village of Porto Moniz. The natural pools of salt water are composed of volcanic rocks where the sea comes naturally. The space, which has an area of 3.800 m², also has a children’s pool, playground and access for the disabled.

Madeira Aquarium

The MadeiraAquarium, in the village of Porto Moniz, represents the various “habitats” of the Madeiran marine world, along 12 tanks.

Santa’s Viewpoint

The viewpoint of Santa’s offers a beautiful view over the village of Porto Moniz, where you can observe the natural pools seen from above, and also islet Mole.

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